Lego Lift

I was always intrigued by the elevators, so I decided to build one with my Mindstorms.
It is about 1m tall. The cabin fits for a technic figure.

I built two versions of the cabin. The first one which is not displayed here, had an automatic breaking system.
The second one has a functionning door with a light sensor like real elevators doors.

The cabin is called by sending a message with the remote control.



The elevator cabin is moved with two motors thru a worm gear driving a clutch gear. The other side of the wire is attached to a counterweight.

The rotation sensor was used for tests.



The cabin is attached to a wire that make one turn around a wheel attached to the motors. The black axle joiner and the disc is here to avoid that the wire get bad placed around the wheel.


Other views of the top of the elevator cage.


The motors are powered by a RCX unit.

The cabin is guided by a monorail.


The micromotor powers a serie of 8 teeth gear to move the door. You can also see where the wire is attached to the cabin and the counterweight.

A closer look the counterweight made with an old style 9v motor.

A look of inside the cabin.


A contact sensor at each stage allows the RCX to know where the cabin is.

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