Marc Klein's parts

Here are the parts I have modelised. I have modelised many parts with Solidworks and converted them to dat with my converter stl2dat.

I made the shock absorber springs with my spring2dat utility tool.

Some tips I use to modelise the parts.

All dat file

Parts planned:


Parts finished:

Technic Panel #20, #21, #22, #23

Technic Brick 4 x 6 with open center 2 x 4 32531.dat studx.dat

Technic Brick 6 x 8 with open center 4 x 6 32532.dat studx.dat

Tyre 28 x 70 32078.mpd

Wheel 28 x 70 32077.mpd

Tyre Technic Racing 32296.mpd

Tyre Technic Power 32298.mpd

Wheel Technic Racing 22969.mpd

Technic Turntable 3 x 5 x 1 (in Droid Developper Kit)

Technic Liftarm 1 x 9 x 2 1/2 (Used as suspension arm in Silver Champion) mk0014.dat

Micro Scout
The two complete assembly for Droid Developper Kit (mk0010.dat) and Dark Side Developper Kit (mk0011.dat)exist.

32439 Technic Disc 5 x 5 (slizer wheel)

6578 Wheel 30.4 x 14 VR 6578.mpd

4701 Technic Pneumatic Cylinder with 1 Inlet Medium, Cylinder
Technic Pneumatic Cylinder with 1 Inlet Large, Cylinder
Technic Pneumatic Cylinder with 1 Inlet Medium, Piston Rod
Technic Pneumatic Cylinder with 1 Inlet Large, Piston Rod


Technic Pneumatic Compressor Pump
2793 Technic Pneumatic Cylinder with 2 Inlets Medium
Technic Pneumatic Cylinder small
2797 Technic Pneumatic Pump new
4694 Technic Pneumatic Switch
4696 Technic Pneumatic T Piece

Technic Connector 3 x 3 with ball housing 32172.dat

Technic Horn 2536c.dat

Technic Gearbox 4 x 4 x 1&2/3 6585.dat

Tyre 81.6 x 34 ZR

Wheel 81.6 x 34 ZR

Technic Liftarm 3 x 7 x 2 Y shape 32308.dat

Technic Block Connector 5 x 3 x 1 (Cylinder housing) 32333.dat (Modelized with A.E. Kooiker)

Brick remover 6007.dat

Technic Competition Arrow

Technic Liftarm 1x6 w/ decoration (mockup) 32177.dat

Dragon Wing dragon3.dat
This part is still under progress.

Philippe Urbain has modelized the part. It's on ldraw

Official Update 2002-03

2741 Technic Steering Wheel Large 2741.mpd

Technic Brick 4 x 4 with open center 2 x 2 32324.dat

Official Update 2002-02

Technic Connector 2 x 3 with ball housing 133.dat

Technic Gear Rack 1 x 12 with Holes 32132.dat (based on 6630.dat by Remco Braak 1997)

32527 Technic Panel Fairing #5
32528 Technic Panel Fairing #6
32535 Technic Panel Fairing #8
32534 Technic Panel Fairing #7

Official Update 2001-03

Technic Liftarm 1 x 7 with 2 ball joints 32173.dat

Official Update 2001-01

Technic Rotor 3 Blade with 6 studs 32125.dat

Official Update 2000-01

Minifig D2R2 Body 30361.dat. I made this part together with Marc Schickelé.

Technic Destroyer Droid Feet 32310.dat (Modelized by A.E. Kooiker)

Technic Gear Rack 1 x 14 with Holes 32185.dat (based on 6592.dat by Remco Braak 1997)

Technic Driving Ring Extension 32187.dat

Technic Gear 20 tooth beveled g12d.dat

Technic Gear 12 tooth double beveled g20d.dat

Technic Gear 20 tooth double beveled 32198.dat

Electric 9v Battery Box big (Contains 2846.dat, 2847.dat, 2848.dat, 2846c.dat)

Technic Shock Absorber, Dumped (Contains 32181.dat, 32182.dat, 32183.dat, 32181c01.dat, 32181s01.dat, 32181c01.dat)

Technic Shock Absorber, 9.5L (Contains 2909.dat, 2909b.dat, 2909s01.dat, 2909c01.dat)

Technic Gear box (used in Throwbots, Crane Truck) 32166.dat

Technic Driving Ring 6539.dat

Technic Changeover Plate 6631.dat

Technic Changeover Catch 6641.dat

Technic Throwbot Head 32165.dat

Technic U-Shape Beam w/Axle also known as Throwbot foot mr0079.dat

Technic Large Pulley 3736.dat 3736sp.dat

32188 - 32191 Technic Panel #1 - #4.

32188.dat 1 kb 32189.dat 88 kb 32190.dat 1 kb 32191.dat 88 kb

Technic Tread 32007b1.dat 32007b2.dat 32007b3.dat 32007c.dat

32007 Technic Tread Hub 32007.dat

32137 Technic modular connector 32137.dat

32136 Technic double pin with axle hole 32136.dat

Technic Clutch gear x3648c.dat x3648ce.dat (center) 35 kb + 5 kb

I made the tread and tread hub for Jonathan Knudsen for an article for O'Reilly : Building instruction for Robotag of book The Unofficial Guide to LEGOŽ MINDSTORMS™ Robots